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For a few decades now, our publishing house had been in the forefront of uplifting this industry. We have opened doors to thousands of new writers for them to be able to reach their potentials. We have provided them with support that they need to be successful in this business.

The writing business is not an easy one. This industry is a bit harsh. It does not open its doors easily to anyone who wants to enter. It will test not only your passion, but also how much you really want it. Sometimes, it will make you feel like a loser multiple times, until you start questioning yourself if you indeed make the right choice. However, once you make it, there is no limit as to what you can achieve.

The Publishing Industry is as Vibrant as Ever

There are many people who are afraid that this might be a dying industry. That people are moving into the online world and there is no audience that will buy the printed things that we are offering. But that is far from reality. This industry is as vibrant as ever. Although there are so many online sites where you can read your stories, nothing can beat holding an actual physical book.

And because of that, we are exploring different strategies so we can expand our market. Right now, we are still holding on to the large number of readers who also want to have a physical copy of their beloved stories. And we try not to disappoint, by providing quality books that will last for a long time.


New Breed of Writers

One of the reasons why we are very strong in this aspect is that we have a new breed of writers who pour their hearts on their works. With great stories that touch thousands of lives, we are able to expand our reach. With them continuously writing new and innovative stories, they are not only making a name for themselves, but they are also crucial in ensuring that this industry will survive the test of time.

We are very lucky to have spotted new talents. Our submission process is very straightforward. We accept works from first-time authors provided that they will pass our tedious screening process. First, our team of editors will read the manuscript and will give it a pass or fail grade. Of course, those who passed will then be transferred to the creative and marketing department for them to decide which stories can make it on the shelves.

Once they passed, we will then start the printing process. We will coordinate with the authors with all the things that they need to accomplish for us to be able to start marketing their books. And once everything is set, then we’ll just wait for a few months in order to see the physical books on the shelves.

The Time is Now

So, if you think you have a book that needs to be read, then don’t hesitate to be a part of our growing community. We’ll take care of you from the beginning to the end because your success if also ours.

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