We offer a wide array of services to our patrons. If you are interested, browse through to what we can offer.


This is the core of our service. We will publish your book or stories to the number that you desire. The process is simple, once your manuscript is approved, our team will sit down with you to discuss with you the specifications that you may require.

This often means the type of paper that you want us to use, the number of books per edition that you want us to achieve. We will also discuss what kind of covers are we going to use and other additional designs that you might require. We have our in-house designers to help you with artwork and covers.


We also have our marketing team who can help you market your stories and books. This is a very important aspect of our service because we want our writers to also earn through their stories. We want them to have a feel of their work through our marketing activities.

If you are having problems with it, our technical and digital marketing team can help you get started. They will handle all the promotional activities for your newly published books to ensure that when they hit the shelves, people will line up and buy a copy.


This one is our new service that we offer to stories that we like. We will be the ones offering this service to those books that we know have the potential to make it big. What we do is we connect you with all of our contacts to ensure that your books will have great visibility.

Having partners in many countries and thousands of bookstores globally, we are sure to make your books known to as many people as possible. We will also let you meet with our global agents to ensure that you will have opportunities in other countries as well.