Helping others tell their stories to the world is our goal.

When we started this publishing company years ago, we have this goal in our mind. We want to be a platform to new voices around the globe to share their own stories so others can read them. And because of that, we were able to bring thousands of new voices to limelight.

What We Do

We provide opportunities for writers to get published. With our machinery, we are able to supply the demand of bookstores to have millions of books delivered to them. With thousands of titles that we publish on a monthly basis, we try to make sure that we only offer quality books to them.

We also provide writers a training ground for them to improve their craft. Regularly, our editors check up on them and provide them with additional training so they can improve their writing skills. We also give them access to thousands of training materials at their disposal.

Why We Do It

We believe in the voices of our writers. We want their stories to be known globally because those are the stories that we love hearing. Because of their creativity, we are assured that tomorrow’s generation will know about our culture in the past.

We also believe in the new blood of writers entering the industry. Their ideas and fresh perspectives help the industry to achieve better heights. Their creativity and energy is contagious that we are able to explore other materials and stories that we never thought were possible before.