Fusion of Genre, is it the new way to go?

For decades now, you’ve seen how bookshelves are arranged according to genre. You have your thriller, your comedy, your romance, and your horror. We all lived in an era where stories are classified based on their themes and writers tend to think of stories that follow the same line of thought.


However, the time has come when we have to bend the rules and make the themes more exciting.

Nowadays, there is a need to reinvent how we use our themes in enticing our readers. It is no longer enough that we focus on one genre alone. But most writers right now are fusing two or more genres into equally good novels that captivate more readers to read their stories. So the question remains, is it the new way to go?

Fusing genre makes stories more relatable

writerThe reality is, we are not limited to one specific genre alone. Even in real life, we don’t experience a single feeling or emotions. Normally, we are exposed to multiple levels of emotions that make us feel alive. Therefore, having a fusion of genres in their stories make it more believable for us. A story can be both comedic and horrifying. Dramatic scenes can also be romantic and funny at the same time.

Fusing Genre elevates the stories

That is true, by fusing two or more genres, it gives stories a deeper depth. It helps the stories have multiple layers of complexity that sometimes the stories demand. So when writers have a knack of doing it, it becomes more enjoyable to readers because it gives them a different direction and different sets of emotions. This is not so apparent in a single-thematic stories. There is no other dimension in their stories.

Fusing Genre challenges creativity

The danger of fusing genre is like cooking; you need to add the perfect ratio for people to appreciate it. Be heavy handed, and your readers will lose grip on your story. That is why, this exercise challenges the creativity of writers who are involved in these activities. They always try to find the perfect balance of two or more different genres in order to achieve the perfect stories that they want to tell.