How to Choose your Next Story


If you are thinking to be a great writer, then it is important to come up with a story that you will tell. It is not enough to have a creative and exciting one, you should be able to tell it in a way that people will relate to, and that they will feel the same excitement that you have while you are thinking of your story.

In reality, thinking the topic is not that difficult. You are already surrounded with a lot of stories and inspiration. The main challenge is how you can transform whatever you have in mind into a story that people will actually read. You need to be able to make them feel the emotions that you have in your mind so they will continue reading your stories.

So how can you choose your next one?

Be grounded to reality

That is the most important aspect of choosing a story. It should at least have a basis on our actual lives. While you may play with fantasy topics and those that are involving supernatural creatures, you still have to give it to your audience to have some form of realism in them so they can easily understand your flow. By doing so, they can get the struggle of your story and your characters.

Have a pronounce voicewriting

This is important as a writer. Your readers should be able to identify your voice quickly while reading your story. So make sure that the topic that you will be choosing will also explore that tone. It is very important because your voice will be in your reader’s minds. This is one of the fundamental reminders to all new and old writers when choosing their next stories.

Be original

This is the most difficult part as you may have guessed by now that stories have been exhausted by a lot of writers since the beginning of time. So if you want to be original, then you should be able to acquaint yourself with everything that is already written. This will give you an idea of what is already out there and what you can improve on. You don’t have to think of a new idea per se, you just have to attack the story from a different perspective.