Traditional or Digital? What’s the best way to go?

This question has been asked by new and old writers alike. Are books still relevant to today’s readers? Do they still feel the same excitement as they did years ago? What is the best option for new and upcoming writers in order to gain traction? Is it still okay to publish books when everything right now is digital?

It is understandable that people have these considerations when they are thinking of publishing. It is normal. But the thing is, these fears are rooted to misinformed misconceptions that sometimes affect the way they look at the publishing industry. So what’s the best way to go?


Learn Digital

It is best to learn how you can penetrate the digital market. It is true. Almost everything and everyone is online. You should learn how to play the game or else, you will be left by your competitors who are already making their presence felt online. However, with that in mind, you should remember that it is not an either or. You don’t have to make a choice. What you can do is do both. By penetrating the digital market, you can expand your reach exponentially.

Books are here to stay

booksWhile there was a drop in the recent years because of the advent of digital books, it is slowly picking up now that people realize that you can’t replace the feeling of reading a physical book. With this in mind, the publishing industry is thriving. With the great partnership with the digital marketing activities, more and more people are looking to buy books every year. And with different bookstores holding different events, people are more exposed to options that they do not have previously.

New Writers Must Publish

It is a call to new writers who are entering the digital market. While it is easy to enter the market through digital means, new writers must also publish their works in order to contribute to the thriving industry of book publishing. While it is challenging, the good thing is, there are many people and groups who will support your endeavor and will also make sure that you will find success in this path that you chose.